About the company

HOUSE WOJCIECH DĦBROWSKI it is construction company.

At the beginning of our activity, our core business was the production and installation of stone linings.

We produce and machine granite, marble, sandstone and marble conglomerate elements, using our modern machinery.

Our long-time experience in the import of stone elements from all over the world, mainly Italy, India, Brazil, Egypt, China and Scandinavia, allows us to offer a very wide choice of natural stones.

Our other business is the installation of outdoor and indoor decorative stone elements with the use of our innovative technology. Works are performed by qualified production and installation personnel under the guidance of experienced supervisors.

Our offer includes:

  • Complex installations of stone and concrete façades in the ventilated and glued system,
  • Linings for floors and stairs
  • Outdoor and indoor windowsills
  • Interior elements, such as worktops, counters, fireplaces etc.

The experience which we have acquired throughout the years allowed us to establish cooperation with many contractors and expand the portfolio of our services by general construction and renovation works offered to individual clients and institutions. Over the past years, we have become more and more experienced, undertaking more and more complex construction projects comprising residential, office, commercial and industrial developments. During that period, we have acquired experience in complex property development services, from the building shells through to various development stages, including "turnkey" projects.

We offer complex services encompassing the construction of residential, office and commercial buildings as well as development works. We raise reinforced concrete, brick and steel structures. We take care of building elevations, using the light wet technique and façades composed of natural and artificial stone, wood and aluminium.

We provide buildings with thermal insulation and install seamless thermal insulation systems. We put durable plasters on single- and multi-family buildings, commercial buildings or industrial buildings.

We specialise in all types of renovation, adaptation and finishing works.

We have a long-lasting experience in developing large format buildings. We have repeatedly participated in the construction of commercial centres as a subcontractor